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SOCIAL MEDIA / News - 2 months ago

9 Must-Follow Instagram Fashion Tips

Millions of fashion brands make the most of the amazing platform we call Instagram! Fashion is the most significant industry on Instagram and receives at least 100+ comments and 16,000+ likes on every post on average. We also cannot ignore the influ...

SOCIAL MEDIA / News - 2 months ago

Common Logo Mistakes That Hurt New Businesses

The graph below is from a decade-long study conducted by the British Design Council from 1994 to 2004 that measured the relationship between design and the price performance of shares on the Financial Times-Stock Exchange. Image courtesy of Eglinski....

SOCIAL MEDIA / News - 2 months ago

Instagram Allows Sharing a Post to a Story

Yes, Instagram comes with a new update on Stories. Some months ago we were writing an article that was demasking the new feature for Instagram Stories, that has been seen by user  Zachary Shakked. It seems that, after months of testing, the feature i...