All about Subway Card Frequently Asked Questions

Did you just discover the Subway Card? If yes then you must be dishing out for details related to the card. The Subway Card is good for every Subway customer. If you have visited a Subway restaurant recently then you must have heard about the card. Whatever the knowledge source may be the Subway Card is a gift card which needs to be activated online at the website of the restaurant company.

You can register for the Subway card by downloading the Subcard app via the Apple and Google Play app stores. There are a lot many questions which have been answered in the guide below. Read on and have a nice time with access to the Subway Card.

What is the Subway Card?

This is one of the foremost questions that come into mind when the Subway Card is considered. People often mistake the Subway Gift Card with the Subway Card. Keep in mind that both are completely different. A Subway Card is reloadable while the Subway Gift Card is not reloadable. You can only use the gift card for one time. On the other hand, a Subway Card is something which can be reloaded whenever needed and can be used multiple times.

The card can be obtained at the store or through the online portal of the fast-food restaurant company. The gift card can also be termed as an incentive card for someone who is willing to become a member of the restaurant chain. If you regularly visit a Subway restaurant you can use the card to get the maximum benefits.

How To Activate A Subway Card?

  • If you are willing to activate a Subway Card then you need to visit a Subway restaurant near you.
  • Next, you should reach the staff and ask them that you wish to purchase a card. Once you get the card you will have to perform the next step.
  • Again ask the staff there the process for Subway Card Activation.
  • Complete the procedure and your Subway Card would be activated for use. You can get started with enjoying the great features.

How to Check the Status of Subway Card on MySubwayCard?

You can check whether a Subway Card is activation at the website of the fast food restaurant company. Follow the steps below for information.

  • To begin with the procedure you need to open the Subway Card website.
  • Once the website opens there will be a Signup link at the top right just next to the sign in link.


  • Create an account in order to check the status of your Subway Card.

Can I Register Without A Pin Number?

You cannot register for a Subway Gift Card without a Pin number. Every Subway Gift Card has a pin number. This is for security reasons as this prevents anyone from accessing your gift card.

How to Use Subway Gift Card?

You can use the Subway Gift Card with the templates you prefer. The Subway Gift Card can be used to be a gift for someone or you could also receive it as a gift from someone. The gift card is used at any of the Subway restaurants in the nation. Usually, the gift card could be used on special occasions.

How to Check Subway Gift Card Balance

Check Balance Offline

You can check the balance of your gift card by asking the Subway staff. Visit any Subway restaurant and ask the staff there to check your gift card balance.

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Check Balance Online

If you wish to check your Subway Gift Card balance online then you should visit the webpage of the fast-food restaurant company.

Once the webpage opens click on the gift card menu and enters the Subway Gift Card serial number to check balance.


Here we have answered all the frequently asked questions about the Subway Card. You could also find some information related to the Subway Gift Card. Once you grab the Subway Card you could have a nice time feasting at Subway. Every time you visit a Subway restaurant you could get discounts and rewards using the Subway Card.



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