How To Renew Golf Magazine Subscription

One of the popular golf magazines in the United States is Golf Magazine and it first started in, April 1959 by Universal Publishing and Distributing. The total circulation of this magazine is 1,430,563. The company was the widely read magazine from August 2006 to January 2007. The concern later acquired by, Howard Milstein.

Golf can be disappointing now and then. In any case, that doesn’t mean recharging Golf Magazine must be. For instance, you can now effectively reestablish your membership online in the wake of signing into your online record. So as to do so simply type in your name, address, and nation. When you’ve entered your data feel free to tap the Login Now catch to continue.

More on Your Golf Magazine Subscription

  • Anticipate interferences of conveyance by realizing your membership’s termination date

  • The termination date of your membership is situated on the mark over your name

  • Remember that your membership installments may take as long as about fourteen days to process

  • You can likewise get access to a Golf Magazine computerized version

  • Wiping out should be possible whenever by reaching Golf Magazine client care

In addition to logging with your name and address, there are 2 option login strategies you can use to restore your membership. The first just necessitates that you enter your email address and postal district. In the meantime, the last login technique necessitates that you enter your last name and record number.

However, you can check your membership by tapping the Frequently Asked Questions connect posted at the left-hand side of the restoration page.

Renew Golf Magazine

To renew go to,

Here, you will get three renewal process for the first in the middle type,

  • Full Name:

  • Address:

  • City:

  • State:

  • ZIP Code:

  • Country:

  • Then, click on, ‘Log in now’ in red.

  • For the second type,

  • Email Address:

  • ZIP Code:

  • Then, click on, ‘Login now’ in red.

Golf Magazine Customer Service Login

  • For the third input,

  • Last Name:

  • Account Number:

  • Then, click on, ‘Log in now’ in red.

Note: If you want to pay for the magazine and other info, that you will get from the left side list of the page. However, for most of the task, you have to login first.

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More info on Golf Magazine

  • The month-end expiry date of your membership can be found on your magazine mark over your name

  • You can check the latest issues our records show that you ought to have gotten by tapping on the “Report Damaged/Missing Issue” connect in the menu. On the off chance that you have questions or need further help, contact Golf Magazine Customer Service

  • For Golf Magazine to all the more likely serve you, they will request your email address every once in a while. Furnishing them with your email address will enable you to get significant message from Golf Magazine in regards to your membership. To check or give them your most recent email address

  • You at present have no payment due. In the event that an installment is expected, you will be provoked on the record outline page to make an installment for you.

  • You have to remember that it can take as long as about fourteen days for Golf Magazine to get and process your installment. If it has been under about fourteen days since you sent your installment, dismiss any solicitations that you get. On the off chance that it has been over about fourteen days since you transmitted installment.

Customer care

To get further assistance you can call on, 800-876-7726. Or write to, PO Box 3200, Harlan, IA 51593-0046.

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