Get Access To Studentreasures And Order Child’s Books Online

Studentreasures is an online website that provides its best services to both teachers and students as well. They offer a FREE hands-on writing activity which motivates students to write and it also inspires them to learn. They do this task by turning the stories of the student into the hardbound books.

You can always get the services of the online book on this particular website. Parents can also order the book online. You will get to submit the payment to the school of your kid. This online website is offering to the online interface to send your money. You do not have to spare any extra time to go to school and then pay the fees of your child for another kind of activities. You just have to venture to this website and then choose the school of your kid and then you can easily submit as many as you want.

Order books from Studentreasures

For this, you need to visit,

On this page, at the middle left side, you will get a blue box, where, you have to input,

  • School State/Province

  • School City

  • School

  • School Address (Optional)

  • Then, click on, ‘Choose this school’ in green.


  • After this, you can customize the order

  • Then, you have to go through the checkout process.

This way, you will be successfully able to purchase your kid’s books.

This website is offering its customers 100% secure services. if you have any kind of query regarding their services, then you can always call them on the number located on the right side of the website fields. You can also go for a live chat with them.

Contact details

If you want to contact Studentreasures, you need to call on, 1-800-867-2292. 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You can go for a live chat or you can submit a ticket. For the ticket, you have to visit, Here, at the middle right side of the page, you will get another box, where, you will get the contact details, and you have to choose and click on, ‘Submit a ticket’. You will be taken to a new tab and there at the middle right side of the page, you will get two options, ‘Open a new ticket’ and ‘Check ticket status’.

For open a new ticket, you need to type,

  • Email Address

  • Full Name

  • School name

  • School zip code

  • Choose the help Topic

  • Then, from the bottom click on, ‘Create ticket’.

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For check ticket status you have to enter,

  • Email Address

  • Ticket Number

  • Then, click on, ‘View ticket’.

This way you will be able to create and check the ticket.

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