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Tjmaxxfeedback Survey

About TJMaxxFeedback

To build up a sturdy connection with its consumers T.J.Maxx company taking customer satisfaction surveys. Which helps T.J.Maxx to make their customers’ next visit more striking or qualitative. T.J.Maxx is taking feedbacks from its customers through a survey. And this survey can be performed in two different ways, one is online and the other is by mail. Where T.J.Maxx can be able to find their faults or disabilities in the T.J.Maxx products and services. And also, can be aware of customer likes and dislikes. To get an upper hand in the market rivalry in this industry.

Every company wants to reach the brilliance of bringing the service for which they are built. Companies like T.J.Maxx are keen to know what their customers think about them or how do they feel. What will satisfy them the most of what makes them unhappy after they visit the stores? For this reason, they take surveys. This type of feedback-taking surveys helps out the company’s upper-level management to acquire the information which can they apply for improving the overall experience of their customers.

The T.J.Maxx will ask you about their products and services and your overall experience at the time of performing the survey. The survey questionnaire is based on the product quality and quantity, in-store atmosphere and out store locations, also about the staff behavior and the administration. And against this survey participants can get rewards. To take this survey you must be eligible for the survey and you can know the eligibility criteria by reading the survey rules and regulations.

From the survey, T.J.Maxx can make a summary of the customer’s likes and dislikes. And later on, they will change their service and products accordingly to the reviews and comments. But nowadays anybody doesn’t want to take this type of survey. So, T.J.Maxx offers some attractive gifts or rewards to turn the customers towards the survey. And T.J.Maxx also makes some rules and requirements to make the process safe and secure. And avoid fraud from the survey.

T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey Prize:

  • T.J.Maxx  did not let your feedback go in vain so they arranged surprise gifts for the participants. This prize will be given after finishing the survey. and you can get free items on your next visit to your nearest T.J.Maxx  outlet store.
  • When you finish the survey then you can be able to enter T.J.Maxx  Sweepstakes to win the prize or reward. Your reward will be printed on your receipt. And the prize or reward is cannot be combined with other offers.
  • And the actual reward is a T.J.Maxx Gift Card and the value of the Gift Card is $500. There will be only one winner in every survey entry period. And each month of a year is a survey entry period. Perform the survey genuinely and maintain all the rules and requirements to enter the survey sweepstake process to win the survey prize.
  • Your reward can be different from other entrants. So, you have to check your receipt to know about your reward in detail. You can get only that as your reward what is printed on your receipt.

T.J.Maxx Survey Rules and Requirements:

  • As you previously get to know that this survey has some eligibility criteria to perform. And without fulfilling that criteria participants can’t enter the tjmaxxfeedback survey or take the survey nobody can take the survey. so, you may concern about the survey rules and requirements. Read the terms and make arrangements to take the survey. Follow the below rules and requirements.
  • As this survey is open for the legal United States of America residents so you have to be a legal resident of the 50 United States of America. Also, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico residents are allowed to perform this survey and enter the survey sweepstake process.
  • 18 years of age or the age of majority whichever is the older that must be maintained as the age restriction of this survey. and you must be 18 years old or must be a major person. At the time of taking the survey otherwise, you will not be eligible for this survey.
  • You need to have the basic or fundamental knowledge of two languages one is English and the other is Spanish. Because this survey is coming in the English language by default and you can change the survey language into the Spanish language.
  • This survey can be taken in two different methods. To perform this survey in an online method you must have a smart electronic device to access the internet and perform this survey by being online. Participants can use a laptop or PC or smartphone.
  • To perform this survey online a strong internet connection is needed to perform this survey.
  • There are 12 survey entry periods and the survey entry period has 30 days and in this survey entry period, you can perform this survey for one time only. This means you can perform this survey 12 times a year by anyone method of entry.
  • J.Maxx employees and their family members and the affiliates, sponsors, parent companies, agents, or the employees and representatives of the parent companies are not allowed to perform this survey.
  • There is a must-maintained rule regarding the prize redemption and the rule is you cannot exchange or transfer your prize and also you cannot combine your offer with any other offer. If you do so then you can be eliminated from the survey sweepstake process by losing your prize.
  • In both methods of participation, you must need a valid email id. A valid email id will help you to complete the survey as well as to redeem the reward also.

How to Perform TJMaxxFeedback Online:

  • When you get realized that you have read all the rules and requirements and you can take the survey then don’t take time to start the survey. visit the official tjmaxxfeedback survey site to take the survey. and take the survey loyally and give genuine feedback. and to take the survey without any hesitation then follow the undermentioned simple steps.
  • O perform this survey in the online method you have to visit the survey website by clicking this link www.tjmaxxfeedback.com


  • Then you will enter the survey starting page and from that page, you can be able to change the language from the bottom left of the page.
  • After that, you have to enter the details from your receipt. And the details are the survey number date and time of your visit.
  • After entering the details, you have to click on the “Start” button to start the feedback-giving procedure.
  • Next, you will enter the main part of this tjmaxxfeedback survey and it is based upon your last visit experience of the T.J.Maxx.
  • After that, you have to rate the products and services as per your last visit consideration.
  • Then you have to answer all the survey questions as per your overall satisfaction level.
  • Normally, the questions are about your visit and order, employee behavior, client administration, environment and products, and services.
  • After completion of the survey, you will get the validation code and by that code, you can redeem your reward.
How to Perform T.J.MaxxFeedback Survey by Mail:
  • If participants don’t have the receipt with them or wish to enter the survey sweepstake process of the T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey, then must go or enter this survey by Mail- in the method. To enter this survey, you have to do some works.
  • To perform this survey by the mail-in method you have to write your complete name, your mailing address, contact number, and e-mail address on a card, and the card must be a 3” x 5” card. And then put the card in a #10 envelope by attaching proper postage to it.
  • Next, you have to mail it to the below-mentioned mailing address.
  • T.J.Maxx “Customer Satisfaction” Sweepstakes, PO Box 153, Macedon, NY 14502-0153.

About T.J.Maxx

T.J.Maxx is a department store chain in America. It sells its products at a discounted price. It is a subsidiary company of TJX Companies and belonging to the department store industry. T.J.Maxx was founded in the year of 1976 in Framingham, Massachusetts, the United States by Bernard Cammarata. Now T.J.Maxx is headquartered in the same place where it was founded. It has more than 12 hundred locations and these stores have products like clothing, footwear, bedding and domestics, toys, and gift items.

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